Least Favorite Short?

Okay, so here are my least favorite shorts:

  • Commercial: I hate this one because the lady keeps saying "New4Mobile!" and it just gets annoying. I also hate the visuals.
  • Dooble (New4Mobile) and New Road: Did we REALLY need Dooble crossovers? I'm actually average to New Road, but I found Dooble (N4M) boring.
  • Dooblie Doo: I remember first seeing this short, and I found the song so annoying, I couldn't go to sleep. Need I say more?
  • Action Poses: Just simply boring. Next!
  • Theme Song (CGI Palz): The entire short is about the characters b*tching about CG. In fact, I hate CGI Palz because the characters look like hellspawns that will eat my face at night! Even a SPIDER looks cuter than them!

So, what are your least favorite shorts?