CGI Palz
CGI Palz logo
Season(s) 1
Episodes 1 (aired)
2 (released)
First Episode "Theme Song"
Latest Episode "CG-Rom"
Premiere June 23, 2015 (online)
August 17, 2015 (TV)
Finale Ongoing

CGI Palz is a series of shorts within the Disney web series, Two More Eggs. It follows five strange characters - a human named Rotisserie, a tree named Rooty, a cloud named Arlington, a dog head mounted to a wall named The Lenore Street Bridge, and a teacup named Pekot - and their adventures showing off their computer-generated adventures in three dimensions.


2. "Theme Song"
12. "Grossface"
25. "Ry Raw"
36. "Glitching Out"
49. "CG-Rom"
77. "Bedtime"


  • It is the only part of the series animated in CGI, albeit blatantly done badly.
  • The Lenore Street Bridge is named after a street in Decatur, the Brothers Chaps' home town.