Dooble (character)
Main series Dooble
Debut Two More Eggs Tuesdays
Dooble: "Dooblie Doo"
Eggpo: "New Job"
Latest Appearance Dooble: "Cake Show"
Nicknames (aka) N/A
Gender Male
Species Human
Likes Eggs
Dance parties
Dislikes One egg
Quote "Halosche!"
Voice Actor Matt Chapman

Dooble is a character in the Two More Eggs shorts. He is the main and titular character in the Dooble series. He first appeared in Dooble: Dooblie Doo.



Dooble is a potbellied man wearing a blue shirt with a white and orange stripe on it, and a red vest over it. He also wears red jeans and brown shoes. He is light-skinned and has small tufts of black hair sticking out of his orange hat, which has a white arrow on it, and appears to resemble an unfolded box.


♪ Dooble, & Dooble, & Dooblie Doo! ♪

Dooble is a very cheerful, silly, and strange man, constantly finding himself in adventures across his world - even a video game. He enjoys singing his theme song, quoted above. He appears to like dance parties.[1]



1. "Dooblie Doo"
4. "Video Game"
7. "The Driver"
10. "Cake Show"
15. "The Interview"


5. "New Job"
16. "Waiting"


  • He is the first character to appear out of his own series.
  • His hair is almost the same shape as his hat, as shown in Cake Show.
  • His hat is also a cake.[2]
  • He was married to a can of Grape Soda, but is now referred to as an ex-wife. [3] He later married a bottle of Orange Soda. [3]
  • He is implied to be the father of a can of Peas and Corn after the can of Peas and Corn was married. [4]


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