Eggpo picture
Season(s) 1
Episodes 1 (aired)
2 (released)
First Episode "New Job"
Latest Episode "Speedrun"
Premiere June 30, 2015 (online)
August 31, 2015 (TV)
Finale Ongoing

Eggpo is a series of shorts within the Disney web series Two More Eggs. It is a spin-off of Dooble from Video Game. The series follows an Eggpo minion of the video game, Dooble 2, who is struggling at his job in the 8-bit world.


5. "New Job"
16. "Waiting"
26. "Mini-Boss"
31. "Joyride"
37. "Instruction Book"
56. "Mobile App"
64. "Speedrun"

Animation Change

Starting with Mini-Boss, the animation is now in a more complex style. It is still pixelated, but the eggpos are more detailed and have shading. They now move around more when they talk, and are more purple than before. This is the only series so far to have the animation style updated. Instruction Book and Mobile App are animated in a different style entirely.