A list of characters in the series Hot Dip.

Hot Dip

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Hot Dip is the main character of the Hot Dip series. He advertises a food called Hot Dip. He wears sunglasses and an orange shirt, and can go from place to place in an explosion of dip, saying his catchphrase, "Dip-ow!" Another one of his catchphrases is "Hot Dip is Not 4 Momz!" He helps out kids, like Hayden and Jamers, to do things like math. His nose is also a mouth.


Hayden is the kid that Hot Dip usually helps. He's bad at school, cake, and shaving cream. He does karate.

Hayden's Mom

Hayden's mom has a tattoo on her arm, and a blue shirt. She wants to try hot dip, but she can't, because it's "Not 4 Momz!"


A kid that Hayden saw Hot Dip helping in the episode Jamers.

"Sitcom" Girl

In the episode Sitcom, Hayden goes to the dance with this person, while doing his karate match at the same time. As a result, the girl got a broken nose, among other things.

"Learn 2 Talk" Girl

A girl that Hayden can't talk to in Learn 2 Talk until Hot Dip helps him.

Coach Goodcatchler

Hayden's sports coach with a hat that says "Good Catch!" in the episode Learn 2 Talk


The narrator's mom's friend in Learn 2 Talk. The narrator says that his mom needs the phone if her friend Vivian calls, when she pops into the screen, wearing Hot Dip sunglasses, saying "Dip-ow!"

Pizza Man

The guy on the phone when Hayden orders a pizza in Learn 2 Talk.

Robot Dog

A robotic dog in Not 4 Momz! that likes hot dip.