Series Eggpo
Season 1
Episode Number 26
Online Release Date December 1, 2015
Linear Release Date
Episode Guide
CGI Palz: "Ry Raw"
Gankroar: "Backyard"

Mini-Boss is the twenty-sixth short of Two More Eggs, the third featured as part of the Eggpo series. It was released online on December 1, 2015.

Online Description


New Eggpo learns the hard lessons of rising too far too fast from the minion ranks in a world of bosses and mini-bosses.


The hard lessons of rising too fast in the game world.


The episode starts with the New Eggpo waiting in line, and like in New Job, he asks Old Eggpo what they're in line for. He doesn't know but says to New Eggpo that they have to wait patiently. New Eggpo refuses and asks Jimly to see what's in front of him. He suddenly gets fired out of an Eggpo with a lift-up cannon and excavator wheels, and is larger than the other Eggpos. Jimly almost hits Dooble but gets jumped over by him. New Eggpo gets upset as he sees another Eggpo get fired and says to his friend that he won't get shot out of a cannon and thinks that the boss will only take 3 hits to defeat. He decides to leave the game and runs into Dark Cloth Supreme (a robotic grim reaper-like figure with a cloak, a flashing face, and elk antlers). He asks New Guy if he wants to work for him at Level 10. He says yes and asks when they will start. Dark Cloth replies "Right now," and flings New Eggpo in his mouth chewing him. He then spits 3 fireballs with New Eggpo's body taken apart. His mouth lands in front of Dooble in mechanical armor and Dooble says hello to his mouth.