New Job
Eggpo - "New Job"

Eggpo - "New Job"

Series Eggpo
Season 1
Episode Number 5
Online Release Date July 7, 2015
Linear Release Date September 7, 2015
Episode Guide
Dooble: "Video Game"
Trauncles: "Sharing"

"New Job" is the fifth short of Two More Eggs, the first featured as part of the Eggpo series. The short was released online on June 27, 2015. It later aired on TV on September 7, 2015 paired with the Pickle and Peanut premiere episodes, "Greg" and "Gramma Jail."

Online Description


An enthusiastic new Eggpo minion discovers what really happens in the video game world on his first day. He’s in for a real surprise! Follow the continuing adventures of Dooble Dooblie Doo!


A new Eggpo discovers what his new job really entails.


The episode begins with Old Eggpo at the end of the line with the New Eggpo going behind him drinking coffee. He apologizes to Old Eggpo that he was late. He forgives him, just like in Mini-Boss. New Eggpo asks his friend what they're in line for. Another Eggpo falls off a cliff and the New Eggpo gets scared. His friend then tells him it's going to be all right but suddenly gets jumped on by video game Dooble. New Eggpo panics in terror, saying that it's the worst game ever. The game suddenly glitches and ends.


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