Ry Raw
Series CGI Palz
Season 1
Episode Number 25
Online Release Date November 24, 2015
Linear Release Date
Episode Guide
Joshow Show: "Tape and Staple T-Rex"
Eggpo: "Mini-Boss"

Ry Raw is the twenty-fifth short of Two More Eggs, the third featured as part of the CGI Palz series. It was released online on November 24, 2015.

Online Description


The Palz must all work together to try and figure what The Lenore Street Bridge is saying before it is too late.


The episode begins with Rooty teaching the all the Palz (except The Lenore Street Bridge) a mouth activity. They suddenly see The Lenore Street Bridge say "Relp! Ry raw ris rarout roo rall roff!" The Palz don't understand what he's saying. The Lenore Street Bridge tries again several times but they still don't understand him. He then dons a pair of glasses and recites a sentence with all the words starting with R. Arlington then says that they all start with R, The Lenore Street Bridge was happy but still needs to have the Palz understand him. He then tries again but then his jaw gets loose and falls off in the middle of his sentence. Arlington then finds out what he was saying. He meant "my jaw is about to fall off". All of a sudden, The Lenore Street Bridge starts drooling. So Rooty resumes what he was teaching the Palz quickly blocking The Lenore Street Bridge.