Series Eggpo
Season 2
Episode Number 64
Online Release Date November 19, 2016
Linear Release Date
Episode Guide
Street Road Junction: "The Pilot"
Parental Notice: "Two More Eggs"

Speedrun is the sixty-fourth short of Two More Eggs, the seventh featured as part of the Eggpo series. It was released online on November 19, 2016.

Online Description


Watch as Turchkid03 attempts to break the "Dooble 2" video game record. But will he be helped or thwarted by everyone’s favorite Eggpos, New Guy and Old Guy?


Turchkid03 tries to break the 'Dooble 2' record.

Chat Window

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Spoiler Information

hanktope:Utotally earned those chips yo
CGIPALZ4EVA:nice work! Hey check out my website about the healing power of CG!
sampleface16: YOU DID IT!!
happyNrubby: Abe Lincoln is a JOKE compared 2 this!!
rentedblimp: buying fallout shelter now
gamergurl2thaMAX: END TIMEZZ!!
hanktope: GAME IS TALKING TO US!!!
juliejacoby: just joined. anything goin on
sampleface16: it's the eggpo UPRISING!
XtineTheBean: ur dad is dope!!
vampirefrind: eggpo sound like my dad
gamergurl2theMAX: KILL IT KILL IT!!
hanktope: just spit soda all over the screen!
sampleface16: DUUUUUUUDE!! HOW?!
rentedblimp: nope.nope.nope.nope.
stebblo_steev: WHAT THE WHAT?!?
XtineTheBean: ur mom is dope!!
happyNrubby: and i totally agree with U
happyNrubby: i'm a history teacher!
stebblo_steev: this is like super imprtant like history like abe lincln and all at
sampleface16: can't bleev i no u dawg!
sampleface16: viral for rllz!
sampleface16: over 5k viewers! SICK!
XtineTheBean: eggpo gone rogue
gamergurl2thaMAX: SO. MANY. FEELZ
rentedblimp: finally sumthing interesting
hanktope: this isn't it!
gamergurl2thaMAX: same heer!
vampirefrind: srsly crying
happyNrubby: KILLSCREEN!!!
rentedblimp: STOP IT 789florp!!!
789florp: dooble and dooble and dooblie doo!
grumbleman46: OH MY WORD!!
stebblo_steev: WHAT THE HECK?!
tubularbun: you say 'o my word' lotz lol
sampleface: make history dawg!!
XtineTheBean: ur mom is dope
gamergurl2thaMAX: I bleev in U!!
rentedblimp: why am I here?
hanktope: this isn't it!
gamergurl2thaMAX: watch out4eggpo!
vampirefrind: broooooood.
789florp: dooble and dooble and dooblie doo!
vampirefrind: he's dead. so dead.
hanktope: hey where my shout out?!
sampleface16: WHUD UP!!
grumbleman46: 3043! THIS IS NUTZ!!
rentedblimp: stop it 789florp!
stebblo_steev: so psyched for this!
happyNrubby: HE'LL NEVA DO IT!
789florp: dooble and dooble and dooblie doo!
dooble2fanatic: AHHHHHHH!!
grumbleman46: so many viewers! legit!