Theme Song (CGI Palz)
CGI Palz - "Theme Song"

CGI Palz - "Theme Song"

Series CGI Palz
Season 1
Episode Number 2
Online Release Date June 23, 2015
Linear Release Date August 17, 2015
Episode Guide
Dooble: "Dooblie Doo"
Hot Dip: "Not 4 Momz!"

"Theme Song" is the second short of Two More Eggs, the first featured as part of the CGI Palz  series. The short was released online alongside Two More Eggs Tuesdays, "Dooble: Dooblie Doo", and "Hot Dip: Not 4 Momz!" on June 23, 2015. The short aired on TV on August 17, 2015 paired with the Star vs. the Forces of Evil episodes, "Mewnipendence Day" and "Banagic."

Online Description


A theme song introducing the CGI Palz – a group of computer animated friends who showcase the unlimited qualities of being computer animated.


CGI Palz' theme song.


  • This is an opening title theme for the CGI Palz rather than an episode of the "show" itself.

International releases


Spoiler Information

Narrators: Two more eggs? Two more eggs!

Male singer:

♪ We can do it if we're all CG, ♪
♪ If we're in 3D, and that guy's a tree ♪
♪ Sharing together caring hearts and choices ♪
♪ Let's raise our voices 'cause we're all CG! ♪

Rotisserie: But, since we're CG, does that mean we're better?
Arlington: Why, yes! We're generated with the most advanced—(stutters)—computer technology!
Rooty: But Arlington, CG doesn't come from a computer! It comes from inside...your body!
The Lenore Street Bridge: Rut ry ron't rav a rody!
Everyone sans The Lenore Street Bridge: (laughs)
Rotisserie: Oh, Lenore Street Bridge.
Pekot: Woah, woah, woah!


Male singer:

♪ Let's raise our voices 'cause we're all...CG! ♪'

Narrator: Weekday mornings at like, 5:30. It's really early. Don't let your kids watch it.

Cook: Extra sauce!