Trauncles logo
Season(s) 1
Episodes 1 (aired)
4 (released)
First Episode "Sharing"
Latest Episode "Trauncles by You"
Premiere July 14, 2015 (online)
September 14, 2015 (TV)
Finale Ongoing

Trauncles is a series in Two More Eggs. It is normally about the two main characters, Stevens and Jordy. It is the second most frequently updated short. The animation is intentionally crude with stick-figure characters, like a kid's drawing. The narrator, who is drawn in a completely different, more detailed style, unsuccessfully teaches lessons, like sharing and getting your first pair of trousers. Sometimes there are other characters, like Marigold, The Bellingsham Houndman who works part-time at the depot, or Evelyn Horsecastle who won't return the narrator's calls.


6. "Sharing"
9. "Trousers"
14. "Sweethearts"
17. "Beans"
20. "Not Done"
35. "Ridonkles"
46. "Gram Moody"
53. "Opposites"
62. "Trauncles by You"