Trauncles - "Trousers"

Trauncles - "Trousers"

Series Trauncles
Season 1
Episode Number 9
Online Release Date August 4, 2015
Linear Release Date October 12, 2015
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Trousers is the ninth short of Two More Eggs, the second featured as part of the Trauncles series. The short was released online on August 4, 2015, and will air on TV on October 12, 2015 paired with a Pickle and Peanut rerun.

Online Description


In this very special episode of Trauncles, there comes a time in every boy’s life when he gets his first pair of trousers, and Jordy is about to get his.


Jordy gets his very first pair of trousers.


The episode begins with the narrator telling the lesson. Then sees Stevens and Jordy embarrassed because they didn't have trousers. The man says it's okay but then sees the whole town with trousers, one pair appears on Stevens leaving Jordy to be the only one. Jordy tries to say to Stevens that trousers come from the Bellingsham Houndman but the narrator proves it false and tells Jordy where it really comes from (The Depot, where the Bellingsham Houndsman works part-time). Jordy goes in the changing room and gets corduroy pants. The narrator gets surprised about it and shows his non-trouser legs from Jordy as he holds a mirror in front of him. Stevens tells him where to get the trousers but instead gives him normal dirty pants.


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