Eggpo - "Waiting"

Eggpo - "Waiting"

Series Eggpo
Season 1
Episode Number 16
Online Release Date September 20, 2015
(first look)[1]
September 22, 2015
Linear Release Date November 2, 2015
Episode Guide
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Trauncles: "Beans"

Waiting is the sixteenth short of Two More Eggs, the second featured as part of the Eggpo series. The short was exclusively released online on Sunday, September 20, 2015,[1] and was officially released on Tuesday, September 22, 2015. It aired on TV on November 2, 2015 paired with an airing of the Disney·Pixar film Brave.

Online Description


New Eggpo learns the fine monotonous art of shooting mouth fireballs and the surprise reward for hitting your target.


A new Eggpo struggles in the video game world.


The episode begins with New Eggpo and Old Eggpo shooting fireballs out of their mouths. New Eggpo coughs and burns his throat. He asks his friend what they're shooting at. Old Eggpo replies "the left". New Eggpo gives up and says that Dooble is at Level 1 and wouldn't be here for awhile so he asks if Old Eggpo would like to play cards. His friend says no and wants to do his job the whole time. New Eggpo's throat gets burnt and he decides to take a drink of water, but suddenly Dooble arrives. Old Eggpo starts firing several shots but Dooble kept ducking them. New Eggpo tells his friend to leave it to him, he fires on his first try and misses with Dooble jumping the shot but on his second try, he times it correctly and shoots Dooble in the air. After Dooble falls out of the game, he loses his very last life. New Eggpo celebrates their victory and wonders what the prize was. The screen then shows "GAME OVER" and New Eggpo considers it "the worst game".


  • This short was initially released on the Disney Insider blog two days prior to its release.[1]

International releases


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